Friday, April 18, 2014

Mailbox: '50B J.Banta, '54T H.Pollet, '62T J.Donohue & J.Horlen, '72T B.Sudakis

     Today's Mailbox features cards from each of the '50s, '60s, and '70s decades.  It's funny how as a kid I used to enjoy opening wax packs from the store, while I now enjoy opening mailed packages from online. 

     The first card I received today was a much needed Dodgers card from the oldest set I currently collect.  With fewer Dodgers cards than any other team in the '50 Bowman set, I've been looking find some at a decent price.  I found this $15 Jack Banta card for $2.50 in [FR 1.5] condition.  After coming up in 1947, and pitching part of 3 games against the Yankees in the 1949 World Series, Banta played his final major league game in 1950.  Below, Jack Banta is shown alongside four of his teammates: Joe Hatten, Pee Wee Reese, Jimmy Russell, and Bobby Morgan.
     The second card I received today was a Chicago Cubs pitcher, Howie Pollet from the 1954 Topps set.  A page out of my binder shows Pollet next to two other original '54s, including the first card I ever owned from this set: Ray Blades.  The reprint cards are from the 1994 Topps Archive set, which I replace as I gain originals for each player.  The two cards on the top left were never actually produced, and will probably remain with the set even if I were to ever complete it.    
     Today, I add two cards to one of my all-time favorite card sets, and the first vintage set I ever saw in a binder as a kid, which so happened to resemble the 1987 Topps card set that I was collecting at the time.  The following semi-high commons typically book at $12 each, which I was able to obtain for $1.99 and $2.00 (or about 18% BV).  What I like about collecting this set online is that it's possible to find cards at 10%-20% BV.  This set featured the first year of the Houston Colts (Astros) and the New York Mets.  The Minnesota Twins and Los Angeles Angels were in their second year in 1962.
     The final acquisition for today brings me to within one card of completing the 1972 Topps set.

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