Wednesday, April 16, 2014

In My Mailbox: 1967 Topps Leaders & H.Wilhelm

My 1967 Topps set was beginning to look a little weak surrounded by my '66 and '69 sets, some I grabbed a Beckett Monthly and went down the list to see what I could find online at under 15% BV.  Leaders cards are always nice, with stars like F.Robinson, H.Killebrew, and B.Powell featured on the two below.  I had to look twice when ordering to make sure they weren't the same.  As one of the original closers, with a career spanning well into his '40s, the Wilhelm card appeared to be a good catch. 

     These cards actually look pretty sharp for the price I paid.  High number '67s are worst I've dealt with to date, although I haven't yet taken a serious stab at pursuing them.  After '67T high numbers, it's the '72s that seem to be the toughest to obtain.  I do have many high numbers from the '66 and '62 sets, which have given me nowhere nearly as much trouble as I anticipate when searching for high '67s.  Getting a card in the 400's for under 20% BV was certainly a catch.

     I get cards in the mail almost daily, so the topic of tomorrow's post is really up for grabs.  

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