Wednesday, April 16, 2014

In My Mailbox: 1950 Bowman Lot w/ T.Kluszewski

     Today, I received three packages in the mail containing the following 11 cards pictured below.  After losing all of my pictures from posts created over the past couple of years, I almost deleted this blog instead of starting all over.  These new Mailbox posts will allow me to quickly share my current card collecting interests as I recover from the loss of all of my previous posts. 
     Since accepting the '51 Topps set as the 'true' 1st Topps set some time ago, the only gap left in the '50s decade of baseball cards to me was 1950.  I found that the '50 bowman cards were the same size as the '51 Topps cards, providing some continuity between the two brands for my collection.  Currently, I have compiled over 2/3's of the collection with 172 cards of the 252 total in this set. 

The highlight of this lot is the Ted Kluszewski, 1B, Cincinnati Reds card on the top-right, valued at $125.  The first 72 numbered cards in this set (low numbers) were actually valued more on average than the rest of the set.  The entire top row in the picture above features low number cards of: Al Kozar, 2B, Washington Senators ($50 BV); Hank Sauer, OF, Chicago Cubs ($60 BV); and Buddy Kerr, SS, Boston Braves ($50 BV).  The bottom row above features some of the higher number cards highlighted by Charlie Keller of the Detroit Tigers ($40 BV).  The rest of the cards valued between $15-$25 include Frank Shea, Mike Guerra, and Ted Gray.  With only 80 cards left to complete this set, I am actively pursuing '50 Bowmans.

I get cards in the mail almost daily, so the topic of tomorrow's post is really up for grabs.  

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