Monday, April 21, 2014

Mailbox: '65T P.Rose, '65T R.Roberts, & '67 B.Mazeroski

     I looked into my mailbox, and what did I see? Three Hall-of-Famers staring at me.  Actually, I saw a package wrapped in brown paper sack material, two envelopes, and a bunch of other stuff that I will just refer to as junk.  I'm sure glad that I did not go ahead with deleting this blog as, today, I discovered how to retrieve all of my missing pictures from previous posts.  It's a long and tedious process, which I have nearly completed.  Throughout the process, I realized how bad some of my photographs appear.  Until I started using my scanner, I used to photograph my cards using a camera with a broken flash from sitting on it at the ballpark.  Perhaps I'll go back and improve some of the older photos eventually.


     The highlight acquisition from today's mailbox is definitely the 3rd year Pete Rose card with a BV of $200.  At 7.5% BV, I can accept the L-R off-centering.  Nearing the end of his career, the former whiz kid, Robin Roberts will make a nice addition to my '65 binder.  The major issue with this one is the moisture damage around the top right corner of the front and visible on the back. 

     Next to Roberto Clemente, what's a '60s Pirates collection without Bill Mazeroski?  The card is in great shape for a lower grade card with excellent centering and surface condition.  The typical corner wear and creases govern the strong [VG 3.0] rating.

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