Wednesday, April 23, 2014

1963 Topps #500: Harmon Killebrew, Minnesota Twins, OF

There was only one package waiting for me in my mailbox yesterday. 

Harmon Killebrew was just returning from his best season to date in 1963 after placing 3rd in MVP voting with a league leading 48 HR's and 126 RBI's the previous season.  In 1963, Killebrew would repeat as the league leader with 45 HR's and a 4th place vote for the MVP title.  He made his 3rd career All-Star appearance, which Killebrew would continue to make consecutively each year through the '71 season. 

As an original member of the 1961 Twins team, Killebrew made the move to Minnesota after the '60 season when the Washington Senators relocated.  Although an expansion Senators began playing the following year (through 1971), most of the old regulars became a part of the new Twins team.  Below, Killebrew is shown as the youngest member of the six Twins players I currently have available from the '63T set.  Lenny Green and Camilo Pascual also made the move from Washington, D.C. to Minnesota with Killebrew, while Rich Rollins began his career with the new Twins organization as a rookie in 1961. 

     At 6.7% BV, I'm satisfied with the Killebrew acquisition that I'd grade at the lower end of [FR 1.5].  The corners and edges are obviously Poor, but the card seems sturdy.  The surface seems Fair with only minor creasing, some general scuffing, and even some warping from moisture damage.  The centering doesn't really look bad at all.  Call is a top-notch poor card if you'd like, but it'd say it's still worth at least 10% BV. 

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