Friday, April 25, 2014

1950 Bowman #194: Billy Cox, Brooklyn Dodgers, 3B

  My 172nd addition to the '50 Bowman set is yet another Dodger player by the name of Billy Cox.  This one arrived in today's mailbox along with a couple of Joe DiMaggio fake reprints that I'll probably list in another post.  He played a total of 11 years with 3 different teams between 1941-1955.  Most of his career, however, was spent as a Dodgers third baseman or middle infielder between 1948-1954.  Cox saw postseason action with the Dodgers during the 1949, 1952, and 1953 World Series.  He was responsible for a total of 21 Runs and RBI in  15 World Series games played.   

This card is definitely in Poor condition [PR 1.0], but I would not throw it into my even lower filler category that I call Bad [BD 0.5].  Most noticeably, the card has a bite taken out of one corner with 3 other heavily rounded ones.  Next of course, is the major creasing and paper surface.  The edges are certainly worn, and the centering is noticeably off.  On the positive side, this card is substantially complete and readable.  There is no paper loss resulting in an unreadable or unrecognizable portion of this card; there are no masking marks; and the card is not miscut.  It's just a beat up old collectible card.     

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