Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1970 Topps #638: Frank Bertaina P, Baltimore Orioles

Frank Bertaina spent much of the 1970 season in the minors before the being purchased by the St. Louis Cardinals in August where Bertaina would finish his major league career by season's end.  For the Cardinals, Bertaina pitched during 31.1 innings over 8 total games while maintaining a 3.16 ERA with a .333 win percentage.  He played in the majors during a total of 7 seasons between 1964-1970 for 3 different teams.  Bertaina was a member of the World Series championship Orioles team of 1966.

BV: $10.00 (common high #)
Cost: ?
Condition: VG+ (worth 25% BV)
Completion: 654 of 720 (90% complete)
Comment: Centering is 3.0, Corners are 4.0, Surface is 4.5, and Edges are better than 7.0.  Beckett allows a half-grade or full grade increase from the lowest rating when the other ratings significantly contribute raising the overall rating.  The lowest rating is the centering, which is governed by the 15/85 in the L-R direction.  All of the other ratings are high enough, in my opinion, to bring the lowest rating up by at least a half grade (or to a value of $2.50).  To measure centering, I use an engineer scale.  The 60 bar breaks an inch into 60 notches.  My measurements in the L-R direction were 2 and 10 for a total of 12 notches.  I put 2 into 12 for better than 15/85.

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  1. Frank Bertaina was one of the few players that appeared on a "Rookie Stars" card AFTER having his own card in a previous year ('65, '66). Jim Hicks ('67, '69) is another.