Wednesday, November 27, 2013

1971 Topps #644: Jim Stewart

Jim Stewart served mostly as a utilityman for Cincinnati just prior to, and at the start of, the Big Red Machine days from 1969-1971.  He played in one of the the '70 NLCS games against the Pirates, and two of the '70 World Series games against the Orioles.  Stewart spent much of his time in LF with the Reds, but ultimately played all of the positions except Pitcher for the team during some point in those three years.  After the end of the season, Stewart was part of a big trade with the Houston Astros that brought Future Hall-of-Famer, Joe Morgan, to the Cincinnati Reds.    

BV: $12.00
Cost: $1.99 (paid 16% BV)
Condition: VG-EX 4.0 (worth 30% BV)
Completion: 735 of 752 (97% complete)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2014 Hall-of-Fame Ballot: Greg Maddux

Greg Maddux pitched in the Major Leagues for 23 years between 1986-2008, winning the Cy Young award 4 times with 18 Gold Gloves.  He earned a total of 355 Wins with a .316 ERA and 3371 career strikeouts.  Maddux pitched during 3 World Series in 1995, 1996, and 1999.

1987 Topps #70T.

1988 Topps #361.

1989 Topps #240.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

1972 Topps #708: Tim Foli (In Action)

Tim Foli debuted for the Mets during the final month of the '70 season at the age of 19.  In 1971, Foli played for more than half of the season, switching positions among 2B, SS, and 3B.  Before the start of the '72 season, Foli was traded to the Montreal Expos along with Mike Jorgensen and Ken Singleton for Rusty Staub.  That year, Foli settled mostly into the SS position as an everyday player.  On the back of his card, Puzzle C features a 9-piece Tony Oliva puzzle (middle-left piece shown).

BV: $12.00
Cost: $3.00 (paid 25% BV)
Condition: VG-EX+ 4.5 (worth 35% BV)
Completion: 775 of 787 (98% complete)
Comment:  Left-right centering drops the grade of this card below EX 5.0 for me.  There are four fuzzy corners with nice edges.    The surface has nice gloss, color, and focus.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

1972 Topps #761: A.L.- N.L. Rookie Stars (B.Oglivie, R.Cey, & B.Williams)

With only 13 cards left to go before completing the '72T set after more than a decade of working on it, I feel that this card was one of the most difficult ones in the set to obtain at a "reasonable" price (in comparison with its listed book value).  After monitoring various auctions for this card over the past few years, I was finally able to find one for under 20% BV, but only in a condition that should command less than half of what I paid.  This card typically sells for $10-$15 in the lowest grades, while most auctions are asking for well over its book value when found in a condition ranging around the upper-middle grades.  Perhaps this card is undervalued in current listings and should be raised to about $40.  Maybe not.  Either way, I was just glad to finally find one for under $5.      

BV: $25.00
Cost: $4.84 (paid 19% BV)
Condition: GD 2.0 (worth 10% BV)
Completion: 774 of 787 (98% complete)
Comment: See above.

1972 Topps #694: Alan Gallagher (In Action)

Alan Gallagher was a 1st round draft pick from the San Francisco Giants in 1965.  Gallagher made to the big club as a second baseman in 1970, where remain for the majority of his four-year Major League playing career.  He made 11 plate appearances in 4 games of the 1971 NLCS vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Gallagher was traded to the California Angels after playing 5 games for the Giants in 1973.  As an Angel, Gallagher played 3B, SS, and 2B before retiring at the end of the season.

BV: $12.00
Cost: $3.00 (paid 25% BV)
Condition: VG-EX (worth 30% BV)
Completion: 773 of 787 (98% complete)
Comment:  On the back is the lower-right piece of Puzzle D, which features Tom Seaver.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

1972 Topps #667: Ray Newman

Ray Newman was a left-handed reliever and closer that played in the majors for 3 years between 1971-1973.  During his rookie year with the Cubs, Newman pitched a total of 38.1 innings in 30 games with a 3.52 ERA.  He was traded to the Brewers after Spring Training the following season in 1972, pitching in only 4 games.  In 1973, Newman finished with a 2.95 ERA and a .667 win percentage in 18.1 innings pitched.

BV: $12.00
Cost: $3.00 (paid 25% BV)
Condition: VG-EX 4.0 (worth 30% BV)
Completion: 772 of 787 (98% complete)
Comment:  No flash + No daylight = Bad pictures.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2013 N.L. Manager of the Year Award: Hurdle, Mattingly, & Gonzalez

Clint Hurdle, current manager for the Pittsburgh Pirates, is this year's award winner with 25 first place votes, 5 second place votes, and 0 third place votes for a total of 140 points.

 1987 Topps #317.

 1986 Topps #438.

Don Mattingly, current manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers, came in 2nd place with 2 first place votes, 17 second place votes, and 7 third place votes for a total of 68 points.

1987 Topps #500.

Fredi Gonzalez, current manager for the Atlanta Braves, came in 3rd place with 3 first place votes, 4 second place votes, and 16 third place votes for a total of 43 points.

2013 A.L. Manager of the Year Award: Francona, Farrell, & Melvin

Terry Francona, current manager for the Cleveland Indians, is this year's award winner with 16 first place votes, 10 second place votes, and 2 third place votes for a total of 112 points.

1987 Topps #34T.

1989 Topps #35T.

     John Farrell, current manager for the Boston Red Sox, came in 2nd place with 12 first place votes, 10 second place votes, and 6 third place votes for a total of 96 points.

1988 Topps #533.

     Bob Melvin, current manager for the Oakland Athletics, came in 3rd place with 2 first place votes, 5 second place votes, and 11 third place votes for a total of 36 points.

1987 Topps #549.

Monday, November 11, 2013

1970 Topps #696: San Francisco Giants Team

The 1970 San Francisco Giants finished 3rd in the NL West (behind the Reds and Dodgers) with a 86-76 record under 2 different managers: Clyde King (42 games) and Charlie Fox (120 games).  The typical position players included: Dick Dietz C, Willie McCovey 1B, Ron Hunt 2B, Hal Lanier SS, Al Gallagher 3B, Ken Henderson LF, Willie Mays CF, and Bobby Bonds RF.  The starting rotation consisted of: Gaylord Perry, Juan Marichal, Rich Robertson, and Skip Pitlock.  The middle relievers included: Frank Reberger, Ron Bryant, Jerry Johnson, and Mike Davison.  The primary closer was Don McMahon. 

BV: $12.00
Cost: $3.00 (paid 25% BV)
Condition: VG+ 3.5 (worth 25% BV)
Completion: 651 of 720 (90% complete)
Comment:  I skipped a bunch of posts for the '70 set due to the acquisition of many vintage cards that I did not want to wait to photograph prior to organizing them into my sets.  I'm now missing only 69 cards to complete this set, with the only listed card being N. Ryan's #712.  The rest are primarily overpriced high-number commons that I continue to chip away at little by little.

Friday, November 8, 2013

1970 Topps #637: Cleveland Indians Team

The 1970 Cleveland Indians finished the season with a 76-86 record under former player, Al Dark.  The primary position players included: Ray Fosse C, Tony Horton 1B, Eddie Leon 2B, Jack Heidemann SS, Graig Nettles 3B, Roy Foster LF, Ted Uhlaender CF, and Vada Pinson RF.  The starting rotation primarily consisted of: Sam McDowell, Rich Hand, Steve Hargan, Steve Dunning, and Barry Moore.  The relief pitchers included: Dean Chance, Phil Hennigan, Rick Austin, and Fred Lasher.  The primary closer was Dennis Higgins. 

BV: $12.00
Cost: $2.99 (paid 25% BV)
Condition: VG+ 3.5 (worth 25% BV)
Completion: 650 of 720 (90% complete)
Comments:  This picture was taken at dusk with my broken flash camera, and didn't turn out so well.  My postings have been a little sporadic as of late primarily due to the MLB Postseason, and having to organize my many new card acquisitions.  For my new 21st-Century Topps blog, I plan to introduce modern topics through images of Topps and Update base cards.