Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1972 Topps #671: Donn Clendenon, St. Louis Cardinals, 1B

Donn Clendenon played in the Majors between 1961-1972 on four different teams.  Among his many accomplishments, Clendenon is most notable for earning the distinction as World Series MVP in 1969 as a member of the Mets.  1972 would be his only year with the Cardinals and his final year in the Majors.  

BV: $15.00 (for minor stars)
Cost: $3.00 (paid 20% BV)
Condition: EXMT 6.0 (worth 60% BV)
Completion: 765 of 787 (97% complete)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Current Stars: Jayson Werth, Washington Nationals, OF

While browsing through my newer Topps sets (1998 & 1999 respectively), I came across some Jayson Werth baseball cards, which I never really noticed before.  After his 13-pitch walk-off homerun during game 4 of the NLDS last year, it would actually be difficult for me not to notice these cards anymore.  I had tickets for game 5 the following day, and really wanted the opportunity to attend my first playoff game.  It was the middle of the 9th inning when I got off work that Thursday evening, and all hope for an additional game 5 seemed just about hopeless.  I got on the highway and turned on my radio just in time to listen to that very long At Bat by Jayson Werth who did finally hit the ball out of the park on the 13th pitch.  The radio kept playing it over and over, for what seemed like the rest of the evening.  I did get to go to my first playoff game the following day, and will hopefully, get to go to another one soon.  I think I became somewhat of a Nationals fan that day.  Here are Jayson Werth's first 2 Topps cards:

1998 Topps #493: Jayson Werth RC

1999 Topps #209: Jayson Werth

I will be setting up a new blog titled, 21st Century Topps Baseball, to cover the more recent Topps baseball card productions such as these. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

1970 Topps #716: Cardinal Rookie Stars, S.Campisi/R.Cleveland/S.Guzman

BV: $15.00 (high-number rookies)
Cost: $3.00 (paid 20% BV)
Condition: VG-EX 4.0 (worth 30% BV)
Completion: 624 of 720 (86% complete)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

1970 Topps #704: Frank Baker, Cleveland Indians, OF

BV: $10.00 (for common)
Cost: $1.99 (paid 20% BV)
Condition: VG-EX+ 4.5 (worth 35% BV)
Completion: 623 of 720 (86% complete)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1970 Topps #593: Chicago Cubs Team

BV: $6.00
Cost: $1.44 (paid 24% BV)
Condition VG-EX+ 4.5 (worth 35% BV)
Completion: 622 of 720 (86% complete)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

1972 Topps #750: Willie Horton, Detroit Tigers, OF

BV: $15.00 (for SP minor stars)
Cost: $3.00 (paid 20% BV)
Condition: GD 2.0 (worth 10% BV)
Completion: 764 of 787 (97% complete)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

1972 Topps #673: Dave Marshall, New York Mets, OF

Dave Marshall played in the Majors between 1967-1973 for three different teams.

BV: $12 (for commons)
Cost: $2.99 (paid 25% BV)
Condition: VG 3.0 (worth 20% BV)
Completion: 763 of 787 (96% complete)

Friday, July 12, 2013

1971 Topps #745: Sandy Alomar, California Angels, 2B

BV: $12.00 (for SP common)
Cost: $2.98 (paid 24.8% BV)
Condition: VG-EX 4.0 (worth 30% BV)
Completion: 726 of 752 (96% complete)

1971 Topps #711: Larry Stahl, San Diego Padres, OF

BV: $12.00 (for SP common)
Cost: $3.00 (paid 25% BV)
Condition: VG-EX+ 4.5 (worth 35% BV))
Completion: 725 of 752 (96% complete)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

1971 Topps #716: Dave Leonhard, Baltimore Orioles, P

BV: $8.00 (for common)
Cost: $1.91 (paid 23.9% BV)
Condition: VG-EX 4.0 (worth 30% BV)
Completion: 724 of 752 (96% complete)
Comment:  This card completes my Orioles team for the '71 set, which is significant because this team was in the middle of 3 straight World Series appearances: '69, '70, 71.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1970 Topps #501: Chicago White Sox Team

BV: $4.00
Cost: $1.70 (paid 42.5% BV)
Condition: EXMT 6.0 (worth 60% BV)
Completion: 621 of 720 (86% complete)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

1970 Topps #17: Hoyt Wilhelm, Atlanta Braves, P

Hoyt Wilhelm's story is quite fascinating.  Born in the Summer of 1922, he never pitched in a Major League game until just a couple of month's before his 30th birthday.  Afterwards, he continued playing in the Majors consistently for 21 straight seasons, until only a couple of weeks before his 50th birthday.  1970 was Wilhelm's 5th year as an All-Star--and at the age of 48 years.  He joined the Braves just in time to be a part of the NLCS playoff in '69, but did not pitch in the series against the Mets.  Wilhelm did experience success very early in his career, pitching in two World Series games against the Indians to win the championship in 1954.  He won the league MVP that year for the second time in three years, and would go on to win two more league MVP's throughout his career.  Wilhelm continued playing through the 1972 season, and was elected into the Hall of Fame in 1985.

BV: $4.00 (listed star)
Cost: $1.70 (paid 42.5% BV)
Condition: EXMT 6.0 (worth 60% BV)
Completion: 620 of 720 (86% complete)
Comment:  I originally thought that I was 100 cards shy of the 1970 set with the acquisition of Johnny Bench during my last post, but discovered this card missing during my arrangement of my collection into "completion formation".  When I first start collecting a set, they are placed into 9-pocket pages organized by team performance and then by player's age.  I initially put enough pages in the binder to fill the set (720 / 9 = 80).  When I get to about the last 100 cards or less,  I organize the binders into "completion formation".  That is, I calculate the number of cards missing from each team and leave only that number of spaces after each so that I can integrate the collection.  In doing so, I realized that there would be an additional space at the end of the binder, which told me that I was missing a card somewhere.  Since my cards are not organized by number, I had to go through and enter each number in Excel and click the arrange button.  I almost immediately discovered that I was missing #17 somehow, and went out to purchase this one.  So I am now officially 100 cards away from the 1970 set. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

1970 Topps #660: Johnny Bench, Cincinnati Reds, C

BV: $80.00 (key card)
Cost: $12.00 (paid 15% BV)
Condition: GD 2.0 (worth 10% BV)
Completion: 619 of 720 (85% complete)
Comment:  The first glimpse I ever had of the 1970 Topps set was of Johnny Bench's 3rd card.  It wasn't the original that I saw though, but a "Turn Back the Clock: 20 Years" special from the 1990 Topps set that I remember.  Obtaining originals for the first time of those old TBC cards produced between '86 and '90 still fascinate me to this day.  If this card were graded only by the surface creasing alone, it would probably be considered in FR 1.5 condition, however, I'd have give the centering a MT 9.0, the edges a EXMT 6.0, and the corners a GD-VG 2.5.  What's that come out to?  I think that this could be considered a strong Good condition card.  With this acquisition, I have completed all but two listed players from the '70 set: N.Ryan and R.Fingers.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1970 Topps #461: Carl Yastrzemski, AL All-Star, OF

BV: $12.00 (listed card)
Cost: $2.03 (paid 17% BV)
Condition: GD-VG 2.5 (worth 15% BV)
Completion: 618 of 720 (85% complete)
Comment:  This latest acquisition completes my All-Star card subset for 1970 collection.  The 100/0 centering is what is really bringing this card down in grade.  The BGS guidelines list this type of centering in poor condition, but the card meets VG-EX criteria for Corners, Edges, and Surface.  I certainly don't like off-centered cards, but this card appears to remain on the edge of it's frame and is somewhat subtle--not quite miscut. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

1970 Topps #462: Hank Aaron, NL All-Star, OF

BV: $15.00 (listed card)
Cost: $2.99 (paid 20% BV)
Condition: PR 1.0 (worth 5% BV)
Completion: 617 of 720 (85% complete)

1970 Topps #61: '69 NL Batting Leaders: P.Rose, R.Clemente, C.Jones

BV: $12.00 (listed card)
Cost: $2.89 (paid 24% BV)
Condition: GD 2.0 (worth 10% BV)
Completion: 616 of 720 (85% complete)
Comment: This completes my leader cards for the '70 set.  I like how these older leaders cards had long lists of contenders on the back: