Monday, November 11, 2013

1970 Topps #696: San Francisco Giants Team

The 1970 San Francisco Giants finished 3rd in the NL West (behind the Reds and Dodgers) with a 86-76 record under 2 different managers: Clyde King (42 games) and Charlie Fox (120 games).  The typical position players included: Dick Dietz C, Willie McCovey 1B, Ron Hunt 2B, Hal Lanier SS, Al Gallagher 3B, Ken Henderson LF, Willie Mays CF, and Bobby Bonds RF.  The starting rotation consisted of: Gaylord Perry, Juan Marichal, Rich Robertson, and Skip Pitlock.  The middle relievers included: Frank Reberger, Ron Bryant, Jerry Johnson, and Mike Davison.  The primary closer was Don McMahon. 

BV: $12.00
Cost: $3.00 (paid 25% BV)
Condition: VG+ 3.5 (worth 25% BV)
Completion: 651 of 720 (90% complete)
Comment:  I skipped a bunch of posts for the '70 set due to the acquisition of many vintage cards that I did not want to wait to photograph prior to organizing them into my sets.  I'm now missing only 69 cards to complete this set, with the only listed card being N. Ryan's #712.  The rest are primarily overpriced high-number commons that I continue to chip away at little by little.

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  1. Good luck as you complete the 1970 set!

    I still need the same 46 cards I needed 3 years ago (haven't bought cards in awhile):

    189 - Thurman Munson rookie
    Semi-high numbers 580 (Rose), 590 (Cuellar), 600 (Mays), 611 (Cash), 630 (Banks)
    Forty high numbers above #633.