Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1972 Topps #573: Fritz Peterson, New York Yankees, P

Fritz Peterson played mostly for the Yankees during his Major League career, which spanned 11 seasons between 1966-1976.  His best season was probably 1970, when Peterson was selected for his only All-Star team and won a career-high 20 games.  1972 was also a great season for Peterson, who finished the year with a 2.27 ERA after pitching more than 250 innings and winning 17 games. Peterson was later traded to the Indians early in the 1974 season, and then again to the Rangers in 1976, where he would finish off his MLB playing career. 

BV: $4.00
Cost: $2.49
Condition: EX 5.0
Completion: 767 of 787
Comment: I certainly paid more than the $0.80 I would like to have paid for this card.  I don't have a good card shop nearby, and haven't been to any card shows lately, so I purchased this one online.  There aren't really any good high series set builder lots available for sale online that I'm aware of.  I wanted to put this card into my collection as the only one outside of the final series I was missing, and below number 661.  I now have only 20 cards left to go.

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  1. I had no idea (until coming on these blogs) that the 1972 high numbers were so hard to get. I got the whole series in '72 except for Bill Russell (which I got in the 1980s),

    Now the 1967s... that's another story.