Thursday, September 19, 2013

1962 Topps #200: Mickey Mantle

Mickey Mantle won his 3rd MVP Award in 1962 after coming in second place for voting during each of the previous two seasons.  He also won a Golden Glove Award, and made the All-Star team for an 11th consecutive year.  Mantle maintained a .321 Batting Average while leading the league in Walks, despite making the lowest number of Plate Appearances since his rookie season.  Mantle also made 29 Plate Appearances during his 12th consecutive World Series in a 7-game victory over the San Francisco Giants--all before the age of 30.   

This is the key card for one of my all-time favorite sets.  I picked it up a few month ago for about 6-7% BV.  It appears to be in FR 1.5 condition to me.  I'd say GD 2.0 if the centering was a little better.  Regardless, Mantles are tough to obtain in any condition.  So far, I've managed to compile over 42% of this set.  I typically pay between 50-75 cents for commons between #1-371, even though they book for at least  $5.  I'll try to start posting more cards from this set as I work my way towards 50% completion.    

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  1. I generally don't like the 1962 cards, but you can't go wrong with a Mantle.