Saturday, July 6, 2013

1970 Topps #17: Hoyt Wilhelm, Atlanta Braves, P

Hoyt Wilhelm's story is quite fascinating.  Born in the Summer of 1922, he never pitched in a Major League game until just a couple of month's before his 30th birthday.  Afterwards, he continued playing in the Majors consistently for 21 straight seasons, until only a couple of weeks before his 50th birthday.  1970 was Wilhelm's 5th year as an All-Star--and at the age of 48 years.  He joined the Braves just in time to be a part of the NLCS playoff in '69, but did not pitch in the series against the Mets.  Wilhelm did experience success very early in his career, pitching in two World Series games against the Indians to win the championship in 1954.  He won the league MVP that year for the second time in three years, and would go on to win two more league MVP's throughout his career.  Wilhelm continued playing through the 1972 season, and was elected into the Hall of Fame in 1985.

BV: $4.00 (listed star)
Cost: $1.70 (paid 42.5% BV)
Condition: EXMT 6.0 (worth 60% BV)
Completion: 620 of 720 (86% complete)
Comment:  I originally thought that I was 100 cards shy of the 1970 set with the acquisition of Johnny Bench during my last post, but discovered this card missing during my arrangement of my collection into "completion formation".  When I first start collecting a set, they are placed into 9-pocket pages organized by team performance and then by player's age.  I initially put enough pages in the binder to fill the set (720 / 9 = 80).  When I get to about the last 100 cards or less,  I organize the binders into "completion formation".  That is, I calculate the number of cards missing from each team and leave only that number of spaces after each so that I can integrate the collection.  In doing so, I realized that there would be an additional space at the end of the binder, which told me that I was missing a card somewhere.  Since my cards are not organized by number, I had to go through and enter each number in Excel and click the arrange button.  I almost immediately discovered that I was missing #17 somehow, and went out to purchase this one.  So I am now officially 100 cards away from the 1970 set. 

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