Monday, March 4, 2013

1954 Topps #118: Carl Scheib, Philadelphia Athletics, P

Carl Scheib was born on on 1/1/1927 in Gratz, PA.  He began as a 16-year old pitcher for the Philadelphia A's in 1943.  He missed part of two years to military service in '45 and '46, but went back to the A's the following year.  In 1951, Scheib was 2nd in the league for Saves.  Scheib remained with the A's for the majority of his career until being traded to the Cardinals for his final season in 1954.  He is currently 86 years old.

BV: $15.00 (for commons)
Cost: $2.00 (paid 13% BV)
Condition: GD 2.0 (worth 15% BV)
Completion: 3 of 250 (1% complete)
Comment: This card appears to be in great shape for a lower-grade card.  The most notable scars include two moderate corner creases seen at the top left from the front.

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