Saturday, March 9, 2013

1951 Topps #B-2: Hank Majeski, Chicago White Sox, 3B

Hank Majeski was born on 12/13/1916 in Staten Island, NY.  He began playing for the Boston Braves in 1939.  Majeski was traded to the Yankees in 1942, but played only in the minors that year.  In 1943, he joined the Coast Guard for three years, but was back with the Yankees for the start of the '46 season.  In June, Majeski was traded to the Philadelphia A's.  He went to the Chicago White Sox in 1950, but was back with the A's in 1951.  In 1952, Majeski was traded to the Indians where he was able to appear in a World Series against the champion NY Giants, hitting a homerun.  In 1955, he was traded to the Orioles where he would finish out his playing career after the end of the season.  Hank Majeski passed away on 8/9/1991 in Staten Island, NY at the age of 74.

BV: $30 (for commons)
Cost: $6.07 (paid 20% BV)
Condition: VG/EX 4.0 (worth 40% BV)
Completion: 14 of 104 (13% complete)
Comment:  This is the best condition card I have for '51 Topps.  There are two hairline creases visible only on the back corners (top-left; bottom-right).  There is a little discoloration near the player's name on the front and some edge wear on the top and bottom.

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