Thursday, March 7, 2013

1951 Topps #B-11: Johnny Groth, Detroit Tigers, OF

Johnny Groth was born on 7/23/1926 in Chicago, IL.  In 1946, he began playing for the Detroit Tigers and batted .306 in 669 at bats with the club in 1950.  Groth was traded to the Browns in '53, the White Sox in '54, the Senators in '55, and the Kansas City A's in '56.  He was then traded back to the Tigers in 1957, where he would remain throughout the rest of his career until 1960.  Johnny Groth is currently 87 years old.

BV: $30 (for commons)
Cost: $5.13 (paid 17% BV)
Condition: GD (worth 15% BV)
Completion: 13 of 104 (12% complete)
Comment: Except for a moderate crease running horizontally through the center, this looks like a really nice card.

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