Friday, March 8, 2013

1950 Bowman #203: Danny Murtaugh, Pittsburgh Pirates, 2B

Danny Murtaugh was born on 10/8/1917 in Chester, PA.  He began playing for the Phillies in 1941, leading the league in Stolen Bases that same year.  Murtaugh left baseball to serve in the military for two years during WWII in '44 and '45, but went back to the Pirates for the '46 season.  He was traded to the Boston Braves for only one season in '47, but went back to the Pirates in '48 where he would remain throughout the rest of his life.  He continued playing for the Pirates as a 2nd Baseman until 1951, and then managed in their minor league system until becoming a coach for the Pirates in '56.  Murtaugh became the  manager for the Pirates in '57, where he would remain for 15 of the next 20 seasons until '76.  During that time, he led the Pirates to five playoff appearances ('60, '70, '71, '74, and '75), and two World Series championships ('60 and '71).  Danny Murtaugh passed away on 12/2/1976 in Chester, PA at the age of 59.  The Pirates retired his number #40 in 1977.

BV: $25
Cost: $2.50 (paid 10% BV)
Condition: PR 1.0 (worth 5% BV)
Completion: 1 of 252
Comment:  As a manager, Murtaugh brought two World Series championships to a club that had not been there since 1927 when the Yankees (led by Murder's Row) swept them in four straight. 

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