Sunday, March 10, 2013

1950 Bowman #110: Tommy Holmes, Boston Braves, OF

Tommy Holmes was born on 3/29/1917 in Brooklyn, NY.  He began playing for the Boston Braves in 1942.  Holmes was elected to the '45 All-Star team.  He was also the league's runner-up for MVP voting in 1945 after leading the league in Hits, Doubles, HR's, Slugging, and Total Bases.  Holmes led the league in Hits for a second time in 1947.  He was selected to the All-Star team for a second time in 1948.  Holmes appeared in the '48 World Series loss to the Indians, having contributed 3 Runs and an RBI throughout the 6-game effort.  He became the team's player/manager in 1951, and then just the manager for part of the Braves' final season in Boston in 1952.  He was traded to the Brooklyn Dodgers later the same year, where Holmes would appear in his 2nd World Series in an overall loss to the Yankees' in their fourth straight championship.  Tommy Holmes passed away on 4/14/2008 in Boca Raton, FL at the age of 91.

 BV: $15-$40
Cost: $2.50
Condition: FR 1.5
Completion: 2 of 252
Comments: I don't remember ever hearing about Holmes as a player, but after reading more into his history, I'd have to say Holmes was more than just a common player.  Beckett's monthly magazine only gives listings for commons, semistars, unlisted stars, and stars for this year, so I figure that he fits in somewhere between the first two.  Sometimes Beckett provides a line for minor stars, which I would have selected if available.

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