Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1951 Topps #A-4: Vern Stephens, Boston Red Sox, 3B-SS

Vern Stephens was born on 10/23/1920 in McAlister, NM.  He began as a SS for the St. Louis Browns in 1941.  Stephens appeared in the 1944 World Series as a Brown, but would lose in the series against the Cardinals 4 games to 2.  He won the league RBI title in '44 and the HR title in '45.  He was selected to the All-Star team four years in a row as a Brown in '43, '44, '45, and '46.  Stephens was traded to the Boston Red Sox in 1948 where he would again make the All-Star team four years in a row: '48, '49, '50, and '51.  Stephens also won the league RBI title twice more while with the Red Sox in '49 and '50.  In 1953, he was first traded to the White Sox and then back to the Browns.  Stephens was with the St. Louis Browns during their last days, and again in 1954 when the team moved east to become the Baltimore Orioles.  In 1955, he was traded back to the White Sox where he would finish out his playing career.  Vern Stephens passed away on 11/3/1968 from a heart attack in Long Beach, CA at the age of 48.

Completion: 2 of 104
Condition: PR 1.0 (worth 5% BV)
Cost: $3.00 (paid 20%-30% BV) 
Comments: writing; white-out; paper loss

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