Thursday, February 21, 2013

1951 Topps #A-35: Al Rosen, Cleveland Indians, 3B

Al Rosen was born on 2/29/1924 in Spartanburg, SC.  In 1942, He enlisted in the Navy to serve in WWII and made Lieutenant before leaving after 4 years.  He began playing for the Cleveland Indians in 1947.  He appeared in a total of two World Series with one championship (having beat the Boston Braves in '48, but losing to the New York Giants in '54).  Rosen won the AL HR title in '50, and then the RBI title in '52.  In 1953, he won both titles together along with the A.L. MVP title. Rosen was an all-star during four consecutive years between '52-'55.  Rosen ended his career after 10 seasons with the same team in 1956.  He worked as an MLB executive for the Yankees, Astros, and Giants between 1978-1992.  Al Rosen is currently 88 years old (22 years old if you only count the leap years).

Completion: 4 of 104 
Condition: PR 1.0 (worth 5% BV)
Cost: $3.00 (paid 20%-30% BV) 
Comments: I hate to rate a card so low, but the paper loss on the ear did it for me.  I also hate to pay such a high percentage for a poor card, but the 51's may just be that undervalued.  To pay the 5% BV price that these card should command, I would have had to been able to get it for $0.50-$0.75.  If someone is selling at these rates, let me know.  I'm typically willing to pay up to 10% BV for pre-1957 cards, but '51 Topps is the exception.  A 20% BV cap seems fair--$25 Berra's anyone?  

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