Thursday, February 28, 2013

1951 Topps #A-32: Hank Thompson, New York Giants, 3B

Hank Thompson was born in Oklahoma City, OK on 12/8/1925.  Thompson started playing for the all black Kansas City Monarchs in 1943 until he was drafted in the Army during WWII.  He went back to K.C. after the war to play for the Monarchs for much of 1946-1948; however, Thompson played for over a month with the St. Louis Brown in 1947.  In 1949, he went back to the major leagues to play for the N.Y. Giants.  Thompson was with the Giants when they won the World Series in 1954, and continued playing with the Giants through 1956.  Hank Thompson passed away in Fresno, CA on 9/30/1969 at the age of 43.

BV: $12.00 (for minor stars)
Cost: $3.00 (25% BV)
Condition: PR 1.0 (5% BV)
Completion: 7 of 104 (6% total)
Comment:  I figure that this is a minor star card, which is currently valued a $12 in NM 7.0.  I had to give it a poor grade because severe creasing is beginning to result in paper loss on the front surface, which has become distracting.  The corners, edges, and centering look fine otherwise.  Once again, it appears that I am overpaying for these cards at $3.00 each, but I have not been able to find them for much lower online.  They don't seem to be just "thrown" around at the card shows either.  Perhaps a reconsideration of the value for '51 Topps commons by Beckett?  Currently, I'm willing to pay up to $3.00 for common Redbacks in P, F, and G condition. 

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