Sunday, December 2, 2012

2012 In the Media: Rico Petrocelli

My favorite baseball radio show is currently, "Remember When..." featuring Ed Randall and Rico Petrocelli.  The show airs every Saturday morning on XM Homeplate (now MLBNetwork Radio ch. 89).  To me, it embodies the spirit of baseball like few other radio shows today.  You'll have to listen to the show yourself to understand why it's so great.  I will just take this opportunity to feature the Topps baseball cards of Rico Petrocelli as a player--beginning with his last regular issue card in the 1977 Topps set.

1976 Topps.

1975 Topps.

1974 Topps.

1973 Topps.

1972 Topps.

1971 Topps.

1970 Topps. All-Star card.

1968 Topps. '67 World Series Gm. #6 vs. St. Louis. 

1965 Topps. Rookie Card.



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