Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1987 Topps: 3rd to the Majors (Steve Carlton '65)

     Steve Carlton was the 3rd still active player from the 1987 Topps set to enter the Majors: 1965.  Only Pete Rose ('63) and Phil Niekro ('64) were playing Major League ball earlier than Carlton when I started collecting cards in '87.  Carlton was traded to the Indians that year where Phil Niekro was also playing, but the team finished last overall that year.

Carlton's regular issue '87 Topps card still showed him playing for the White Sox.

 1977 Topps.  Doesn't he look like Jim Carey in this photo?

   1972 Topps.  This is Carlton's last card in a St. Louis Cardinals uniform, although he played for the Phillies in '72.  A Traded card was produced later in the year (which I have not yet acquired).  Throughout his first seven seasons with the Cardinals, he made it to the World Series twice: 1967 and 1968. 

1971 Topps.  This was actually Carlton's last year with the Cardinals.

1970 Topps. 

1967 Topps.  This is Carlton's 2nd card during the year the Cardinals beat the Red Sox in the World Series.  He had a '65 rookie card, but no card was produced for Carlton in '66. 

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