Sunday, November 25, 2012

1987 Topps: Turn Back the Clock (Reggie Jackson '77)

Ten years after Reggie Jackson hit four consecutive World Series HR's, Topps dedicated one of their five 'Turn Back the Clock' cards to R.Jackson in 1987.  Babe Ruth hit 3 HR's in a single World Series game twice before Jackson.  Albert Pujols and Pablo Sandoval each hit 3 HR's in a single World Series game recently.  I'm not sure that anyone's hit four consecutive World Series HR's though--and all on the first pitch.  At the end of his career, Reggie Jackson was still a big name in 1987.  He had helped his team to seven League Championship Series appearances ('71, '72, '73, '74, '75, '77, '78) and five World Series victories ('72, '73, '74, '77, '78) during the 1970's.  He also appeared in four  LCS's ('80, '81, '82, '86) and another World Series ('81) during the 1980's.  His career began with the Kansas City Athletics during their final year in 1967, and would end with the Oakland Athletics after 21 seasons in 1987.     

1987 Topps Traded.  This is Reggie Jackson's final Topps player card as shown below wearing the uniform of his original team.

1987 Topps.  After losing the '81 World Series, R.Jackson was traded to the Angels.  He would eventually help the Angels get to the ALCS in '86, but lost the series to the Red Sox.  This is R.Jackson's last card in an Angels uniform.

1975 Topps.  R.Jackson won the A.L. MVP award in 1973 after leading the A's to their second of three consecutive World Series Championships. 

1972 Topps.  This was Jackson's first year as a World Series champion, beating the Reds team in '72. 

1971 Topps.  In only his 5th year with the Majors, Reggie Jackson would help his team to the first of five consecutive playoff appearances.  The Athletics lost the '71 ALCS to the Orioles.

 1970 Topps.  This was Jackson's 2nd regular issue Topps Card.

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