Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1987 Topps: 5th to the Majors (Nolan Ryan '66)

What can I say about this living baseball legend that hasn't already been said?  So I won't even try.  He played in two games during the '66 season to make him the 5th active player from 1987 Topps set to enter the majors.  His first Topps card was in 1968.  I'm still working on obtaining his '70 Topps card.  The early cards I do have for N.Ryan are really worn, but they don't sell these cards for very cheap anymore.

1977 Topps.

1972 Topps.  This was N.Ryan's first Angels card.

1971 Topps.  This was N.Ryan's last Mets card.  I'm just glad to have a copy. 

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